Civil Rights in Minnesota

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A bill banning same-sex marriage in Minnesota appears likely to pass

May 14, 1997

A bill banning same-sex marriage in Minnesota appears likely to pass this legislative session. Gay and Lesbian leaders in the state, joined Minneapolis DFL-Representative Karen Clark, to assail efforts this session, banning same sex marriages.

MANFORD/PFLAG...founder of PFLAG, pegged to PRIDE

Jun 26, 1997

When P-Flag marches Sunday at the Twin Cities Pride Festival parade, you can be sure that the crowd will literally go wild ... showing more enthusiasm than it will for any single politician, drag queen, or any other group. P-Flag stands for Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

"Farewell Symphony" author on writes about life as a homosexual

Sep 26, 1997

Gay-themed movies and T-V shows generally address the most broad themes of gay life, like the difficulty of coming out. Edmund White's latest book, "The Farewell Symphony," digs deeper into the trials and tribulations faced by homosexuals in American society today.

Hate summit...teen victims tell of hate crimes

May 20, 1998

Young people are frequent victims, and the most likely perpetrators, of hate crimes. Many Minnesota teens were among hundreds who gathered yesterday at a hate crimes summit in Minneapolis, hoping their stories will encourage more people to pay attention to the problem.