Civil Rights in Minnesota

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Trial complicated by charges of racial profiling

May 9, 2001

(FOR WED. M.E.) Lawyers expect a full day of testimony in St. Cloud today , in a trial for a misdemeanor driving offense that has been complicated by allegations of racial profiling. Minnesota Public Radio's Jeff Horwich has this Mainstreet report.

Suing over Crazy Horse Malt Liquor

Apr 26, 2001

Civil rights series

Apr 26, 2001

The high school diploma is a benchmark that divides those who have, from those who have very little. But in Indian country, diplomas are relatively scarce.

Indian farmers say they aren't getting enough federal dough

Apr 25, 2001

Federal funds are one of the major sources of wealth in the agricultural economy, accounting for nearly half of farmers income last year. When farmers can't get access to that money, it can put them out of business.

Civil Rights group threatens to sue if racial profiling data is not kept

Apr 6, 2001

Minnesota communities of color are disappointed in the racial profiling. There is a mandatory data collection option and a voluntary data collection option.