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Midday on proposal for a new Twins stadium

Jan 9, 1997

Midday looks at the proposal for a new Twins ballpark.and surrounding financial details with guests Gene Merriam, Minnesota Senate Finance Committee Chairman,  and MPR reporter Bill Wareham.  Listeners call in with questions.

Midday on crime prevention and criminal defense

Jan 14, 1997

Midday discusses  crime, criminal defense, punishment and crime prevention with newly-appointed Hennepin County Chief Public Defender William McGee. Listeners call in with questions. 


Governor Arne Carlson's State of the State address

Jan 16, 1997

Midday features live coverage of Governor Arne Carlson's State of the State address. He spoke in the Minnesota House Chamber.

Midday with Bill Kling, MPR president, on MPR's 30th anniversary

Jan 22, 1997

Minnesota Public Radio president Bill Kling appears on Midday to talk about MPR's 30th anniversary, the future of public radio,  and answer listener questions. 

Midday on education funding in Minnesota

Jan 23, 1997

Midday looks at education funding in Minnesota. Studio guests are DFL Representative Becky Kelso of Shakopee,who is chair of the K-12 budget committee in the House, and Republican Senator Gen Olson of Minnetrista, who is a member of the Senate K-12 Budget Division.

Health care discussion

Feb 3, 1997

Midday looks at the health care system: how it works and how it can be improved. Studio guests are Michael Scandrett, Executive Director of the Minnesota Council of Health Plans, and Stuart Hanson, a representative of the Minnesota Medical Association. 

Midday on air safety and aviation

Feb 7, 1997

Midday examines aviation safety with pilot and author John Nancem, a commercial commercial pilot and a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.  He's written a number of aviation thrillers, the most recent, "Medusa's Child."  Listeners call in with questions.

Midday on drunk driving

Feb 10, 1997

Midday looks at drunk driving and the proposal to reduce the legal blood alcohol limit for driving to .08.

Midday features Frances Densmore documentary

Feb 13, 1997

Midday rebroadcasts an MPR documentary about Frances Densmore, a Minnesota anthropologist who recorded the songs and traditions of Native Americans.

Auto expert talks about cars and trucks on Midday

Feb 27, 1997

Midday talks with car expert Jack Gillis, who is out with his 1997 editions of "The Car Book" and "The Truck, Van, and 4-by-4 Book." He also writes a used car book which will be out this summer.

Tax proposals discussed on Midday

Mar 6, 1997

Midday looks at proposals to cut taxes, give tax rebates, or reform the tax system.  Studio guests are Jim Girard, the State Revenue Commisssioner, and DFL State Representative Dee Long, who chairs the House Tax Committee.  Listeners call in with questions.

"Face of Mercy, Face of Hate" and "A Plague of Plastic Soldiers" on Midday

Mar 10, 1997

Midday presents two Minnesota Public Radio documentaries by producer Stephen Smith.  The first,  "Face of Mercy, Face of Hate," is about the life and mysterious death of a Bosnia Serb. The second,  "A Plague of Plastic Soldiers," is about efforts to clear land mines in Cambodia.