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University of Minnesota athletics on Midday

Mar 25, 1997

Midday discusses intercollegiate athletics and Gopher teams with guest Mark Dienhart, University of Minnesota Men's Athletic Director. Listeners call in with questions.

Midday on the economy

Mar 26, 1997

Midday discusses the U. S. economy with author and well-known economist Lester Thurow, a professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He's out with a new book called "The Future of Capitalism."  Listeners call in with questions.

Midday on University of Minnesota Gopher sports

Mar 31, 1997

Midday discusses basketball and baseball with Minnesota Public Radio's sports commentator Howard Sinker and reporter Bill Wareham. The focus is on on the Gophers' season, and the upcoming season for the Minnesota Twins, which begins Tuesday.

Midday discussion of issues before the Legislature

Apr 2, 1997

Midday discussion with two state legislative leaders to talk about issues facing lawmakers halfway through the session. Guests are Speaker of the House Phil Carruthers and Senate Minority Leader Dean Johnson.  Listeners call in with questions.

Eugene McCarthy on Midday

Apr 11, 1997

Midday talks  with former Senator Eugene McCarthy, who's in town to read from his new publication, "Selected Poems."  Listeners call in with questions.

Midday discusses education

Apr 17, 1997

Midday focuses on education with guests State Senator Larry Pogemiller and Sandra Peterson, President of the Minnesota Federation of Teachers.  Listeners call in with questions. 

Midday discusses health care

Apr 24, 1997

Midday looks at health care, with guests David Thorson and  Jan Malcolm.  Listeners call in with questions.

Midday on President's Summit on America's Future

Apr 29, 1997

Midday looks at the President's Summit on America's Future, which calls upon volunteers. Guest is  Jim Kielsmaier, president of the National Youth Leadership Council which is based in the Twin Cities. Kielsmaier is in Philadelphia for the summit.   Listeners call in with questions.

Midday on stadium funding proposals

Apr 30, 1997

Midday focuses on the discussion at the state Legislature about the future of a new baseball stadium for the Minnesota Twins. Guest is MPR reporter Bill Wareham.

Midday on issues before the Legislature

May 9, 1997

Midday discusses issues facing the state legislature in the final days of the session with Minnesota Public Radio's political commentators Bob Meek and Tom Horner. Listeners call in with questions.


Midday on Arne Carlson and education funding bill

May 15, 1997

Midday looks at Governor Arne Carlson's insistence that tax breaks for education expenses, including private school costs, be part of any education funding bill passed by the legislature.

Legislative leaders post-session on Midday

May 20, 1997

Midday discussion with the four legislative leaders from the state capitol: Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe, Senate Minority Leader Dean Johnson, House Speaker Phil Carruthers and House Minority Leader Steve Sviggum.  Listeners call in with questions.