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Midday discussion of issues before the Legislature

Apr 2, 1997

Midday discussion with two state legislative leaders to talk about issues facing lawmakers halfway through the session. Guests are Speaker of the House Phil Carruthers and Senate Minority Leader Dean Johnson.  Listeners call in with questions.

Midday on University of Minnesota Gopher sports

Mar 31, 1997

Midday discusses basketball and baseball with Minnesota Public Radio's sports commentator Howard Sinker and reporter Bill Wareham. The focus is on on the Gophers' season, and the upcoming season for the Minnesota Twins, which begins Tuesday.

Midday on the economy

Mar 26, 1997

Midday discusses the U. S. economy with author and well-known economist Lester Thurow, a professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He's out with a new book called "The Future of Capitalism."  Listeners call in with questions.

University of Minnesota athletics on Midday

Mar 25, 1997

Midday discusses intercollegiate athletics and Gopher teams with guest Mark Dienhart, University of Minnesota Men's Athletic Director. Listeners call in with questions.

Midday previews the Oscars

Mar 24, 1997

Midday  focuses on the Academy Award nominees for this year with Minnesota Public Radio producer and film expert Stephanie Curtis, the "Movie Maven".

Midday on basic skills testing results

Mar 21, 1997

Midday discusses the results of the basic skills tests given to Minnesota eighth-graders.

Midday on cloning

Mar 18, 1997

Midday examines cloning with guests Susan Wolf, assistant professor of Law and Medicine at the University of Minnesota Law School and faculty associate at the University's Center for Bio-medical Ethics, and Thomas Bouchard, University of Minnesota psychology professor.  Listeners call in with que

Midday on Washington campaign finance

Mar 14, 1997

Midday discussion about questionable campaign fundraising in Washington.  Guests are Minnesota Public Radio political commentators Bob Meek and Tom Horner.

"Face of Mercy, Face of Hate" and "A Plague of Plastic Soldiers" on Midday

Mar 10, 1997

Midday presents two Minnesota Public Radio documentaries by producer Stephen Smith.  The first,  "Face of Mercy, Face of Hate," is about the life and mysterious death of a Bosnia Serb. The second,  "A Plague of Plastic Soldiers," is about efforts to clear land mines in Cambodia.

Tax proposals discussed on Midday

Mar 6, 1997

Midday looks at proposals to cut taxes, give tax rebates, or reform the tax system.  Studio guests are Jim Girard, the State Revenue Commisssioner, and DFL State Representative Dee Long, who chairs the House Tax Committee.  Listeners call in with questions.

Auto expert talks about cars and trucks on Midday

Feb 27, 1997

Midday talks with car expert Jack Gillis, who is out with his 1997 editions of "The Car Book" and "The Truck, Van, and 4-by-4 Book." He also writes a used car book which will be out this summer.

Midday features Frances Densmore documentary

Feb 13, 1997

Midday rebroadcasts an MPR documentary about Frances Densmore, a Minnesota anthropologist who recorded the songs and traditions of Native Americans.