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Minnesota Governor Wendell Anderson's "State of the State" address

Jan 16, 1974

Minnesota Governor Wendell Anderson gives his State of the State address, the "Energy Crisis" being his highest priority. He supports a separate Department of Energy to address this issue. He also supports the federal 55 MPH bill to save on gasoline usage.

Activists reaction to abortion discussions at caucus

Feb 27, 1974

Geri Rasmussen, Pro-Abortion DFL Feminist Caucus and the Abortion Rights Council, was optimistic about the publics reaction to the discussions at the caucus. Although the Catholic representatives anti-abortion stance did have a public impact of the potential of legalizing abortion.

State Senator Allen Spear talks about his no-fault divorce bill

Mar 4, 1974

Explanation of divorce legislation. Senator Spear's no-fault divorce bill is a compromise, measure only deals with grounds for divorce. Traditional grounds replaced by "irretrievable breakdown of marriage", other terms also changed. 

Grand Old Days celebration on Grand Ave. in St. Paul

Jun 6, 1974

Architect Jim Wengler talks about the preservation of the Grand Ave. neighborhood and about the Grand Old Days celebration. Grand Ave. represents what they consider a solution to energy and problems by renovating existing urban areas rather than building out the suburbs.

Jesse Jackson speaks at groundbreaking for inner city shopping mall

Nov 4, 1974

Jesse Jackson is part of group called PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) which encourages minority business ownership. Jackson's in the Twin Cities for a groundbreaking on an inner city shopping complex, one of first in country conceived and developed by minorities.

Heating costs to rise in Minnesota

Nov 5, 1974

Deputy director of the Minnesota Energy Agency, Phil Getz, says heating costs will go up, even though energy companies aren't short of coal (yet). But as coal supplies dwindle, utility companies will have to switch over to oil. Also, a coal strike looms on the horizon.

Midday on the extended family

Oct 20, 1987

As part of Minnesota Public Radio's "Minnesota Family Strength Project" Midday features a discussion about the role of extended family with guest Miriam Reibold, past president of the Minnesota Senior Federation.  Listeners call in with questions. 

Voices of Minnesota: Sara Evans and Rosalie Wahl

Jul 21, 1995

Special rebroadcast of highlights from the Voices of Minnesota series. Stephen Smith interviews historian Sara Evans, a founder of the womens' studies movement in America, at her home. Catherine Winter interviews retired justice Rosalie Wahl, the first woman on the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Midday on car design and features

Jan 24, 1996

Midday discusses the design, performance and safety features of new cars, and the best strategies for purchasing them, with guest Jack Gillis, author of "The Car Book." Listeners call in with questions.

Guthrie Theater's new artistic director on Midday

Feb 1, 1996

The Guthrie Theater's new artistic director,  Joe Dowling,  visits Midday to answer questions from listeners about the new season of Guthrie plays and the theater world in general.

Midday on the military situation in Bosnia

Feb 2, 1996

Midday discusses the military situation in Bosnia with guests retired Marine Colonel David Evans, Director of National Defense Issues for the organization Business Executives for National Security, and Debbie Lee, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs.

Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton on Midday

Feb 8, 1996

Midday speaks with Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton, who gave her State of the City addess Wednesday night. She talks about the condition of Minnesota's biggest city.  Listeners call in with questions.