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Mayor R.T. Rybak on Midday about post-collapse Minneapolis

Aug 16, 2007

Midday speaks with Minneapolis Mayor  R.T. Rybak who has had to realign his budget priorities to consider road maintenance and repair in the aftermath of the I-35W bridge collapse Now he's hoping a special session at the Legislature will help solve some of the city's financial burdens.

Midday on new bridge plans

Aug 15, 2007

Midday previews legislative hearings on new I-35W bridge reconstruction plans in a joint House-Senate transportation committee meeting,  now that state transportation officials have unveiled a preliminary design.


Midday on how to live with ambiguous loss

Aug 14, 2007

Divers are still struggling with debris and river currents to find the remaining missing people who were on I-35W when it collapsed, and recent storms may slow the search even more.  Midday discusses ambiguous loss and how to be resilient in the face of trauma.  Guest  Pauline Boss, University of

Midday on medical community's response to 35W bridge emergency

Aug 9, 2007

Midday talks wth Dr. John Hick, a physician at the Hennepin County Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine who was at the scene of the bridge collapse within minutes. He discusses the emergency response on the scene and in nearby hospitals.

Midday on renewal of infrastructure tax-and-spend debate triggered by bridge collapse

Aug 8, 2007

The collapse of the I-35W bridge has sparked widespread concern about how transportation infrastructure is maintained. Midday guests Phil Krinkie and Dee Long discuss how much we should spend on our roads, and where that money should  come from.

Midday special on 35W bridge one week later: reflection and recovery

Aug 8, 2007

It's been one week since the I-35W bridge collapsed. To mark this occasion Midday offers a special one-hour broadcast featuring the latest on the investigation, the stories of the survivors and a rememberance of the victims.

Midday on sorting through the rubble

Aug 7, 2007

Midday talks with Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan and Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek about the 35W bridge recovery efforts.

Midday on making sense of disaster

Aug 6, 2007

When tragedy strikes it's hard to know how to cope with the news. As part of continuing coverage of the I-35W bridge collapse, Midday's guest Rabbi Harold Kushner talks about dealing with disaster.

Remembering television broadcaster Dave Moore

Jan 29, 1998

Midday features a discussion about the life and work of legendary television news broadcaster Dave Moore. Guest: Dave Nimmer, University of St. Thomas journalism professor.  Listeners call in with questions.

Charitable giving and who benefits

Nov 27, 1997

A Midday call-in program about charitable giving-- who we help and why we help. Does the help make a difference in people's lives? The studio guest is Major Robert Thomson, the Northern Division Secretary of the Salvation Army in Minnesota and North Dakota

Air travel and the airport

Nov 26, 1997

At the onset of the busiest air travel time of the year, Midday talks with Jeff Hamiel, the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Airports Commission.  Listeners call in with questions.

Economic collapse of the Asian economy and the IMF

Nov 24, 1997

A call-in program on the collapse of the Asian economy, the International Monetary Fund and what it all means to you. Midday's guest is Erica Whittlinger, president and CEO of Whittlinger Capital Management and a regular "Sound Money" commentator.