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State making it easier to build manure pools

Jun 24, 2003

A new law makes it easier to build larger feedlots in Minnesota. People who oppose such facilities and their large manure lagoons say the law strips citizens' right to have a say in the future of their community. Supporters say it will save the government time and money.

Duluth is tearing down its only public housing project

Jun 17, 2003

Duluth is tearing down its only public housing project. The Harborview neighborhood was built in 1951. In those days, housing for low-income people was separated from everyone else. That's changing now, and most residents are pleased. Mainstreet Radio's Stephanie Hemphill reports.

Wet weekend

Jun 6, 2003

MPR's Morning Edition, Friday, June 6, 2003 Topic: Heat Not much hot weather around here, but plenty over India and Pakistan lately, with temperatures well over 120 degrees F and Heat Index values ranging from 125 to 135 degrees F. The town of Sibi in Pakistan, not far from the Afghan border

Archaeologists in La Crosse

Jun 5, 2003

Archaeologists in La Crosse say they've discovered evidence of a rare exchange between two ancient cultures. They say the discovery of pottery, jewelry and bones from a site near La Crosse could solve the puzzle of the origins of the people who lived here a thousand years ago.

The U.S. Forest Service is planning to change how it manages the national forests in the northern part of Minnesota

Jun 4, 2003

The U.S. Forest Service is planning to change how it manages the national forests in the northern part of Minnesota. The federal agency has designed a new plan, and it's asking the public for reaction.

New technology to produce a very pure form of iron

Jun 2, 2003

People in Silver Bay, on Lake Superior's North Shore, are producing a new kind of iron. They're trying out a new technology to produce a very pure form of iron, called iron nuggets.

Update on Northern Minnesota tourism

May 26, 2003

Shell Lake is flooding

May 23, 2003

People living around Shell Lake in northwest Wisconsin are getting frustrated. The town has always been a popular vacation area, and now many people are turning their cabins into year-round homes. But the lake has flooded. Several families have been forced to move.

Librarians wondering how U.S.A. Patriot Act affects privacy rights of patrons

May 19, 2003

A month after the attacks on the World Trade Center, Congress passed the USA PATRIOT Act. It was designed to help federal authorities track down and stop potential terrorists. But librarians around the country are worried about how the PATRIOT Act might affect people who visit the library.


May 16, 2003

As winter turns to spring in Minnesota's North Woods, the owlman comes back. His real name is Bill Lane. His passion is northern forest owls. Minnesota Public Radio's Mary Losure reports.

Eveleth taconite company is shutting down

May 14, 2003

EVTAC has made it's last pellets. The Eveleth taconite company is shutting down. Four hundred and fifty workers will be laid off by the weekend. Company officials hope to eventually reopen EVTAC's iron mine and taconite pellet plant. But many fear that may never happen.

Selling BWCA

May 9, 2003

A Minnesota House Committee has voted to sell state land lying within the Federal  Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.   But it's raised fierce opposition from the environmental community and from within the Legislature.  Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Kelleher reports