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GARY: [Minnesota Public Radio  -- covering Minnesota since 1967.   In 1990, Soviet president and General Secretary of the Communist Party, Mikhail Gorbachev, spoke to business leaders in Minneapolis]  GARY END


McGovern campaigns in Duluth

Sep 8, 1972

Presidential candidate McGovern greeted 200 supporters in Duluth. He was surrounded by media and participated in staged events for the press. McGovern talked about grain speculators making a killing at the expense of American famers and taxpayers; this money should have gone to the farmers.

Humphrey on Minnesota's energy allocations

Feb 22, 1974

Humphrey talks about cuts in allocations, that Minnesota did not a two percent cut in allocation in March, and that he's working hard with government officials including Mr. Simon not to lose allocations in future months.

Eugene McCarthy on the Vice Presidency

Apr 19, 1974

A speech given by Eugene McCarthy, who was a longterm DFL Congress Representative from Minnesota, as well as a poet and author. McCarthy is speaking here on the Vice Presidency, and how to reform the Presidency. 


Senator Hubert Humphrey press conference

Jan 17, 1975

Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey holds a press conference on January, 10 1975 in the Twin Cities.  He talks about the United States in international matters, the energy crisis, and the economy.  

Jim Klobuchar on Hubert Humphrey

Aug 26, 1975

Jim Klobuchar reflects on Hubert Humphrey's "bleeding heart politics" and how it affected the national picture of American politicis.  


This recording was made available through a grant from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission.

Hubert Humphrey at DFL feminist caucus on the ERA and ratification process

Dec 14, 1975

HHH (Hubert Humphrey) at DFL feminist caucus, on the ERA amendment, and need to educate those who are needed for its ratification. Humphrey says he was for this amendment when he first came to Congress in the 1950's because it made sense.

Democratic Presidential Candidate

Dec 15, 1975

Non-candidate Hubert Humphrey intros friend Fred Harris. Harris: Office of president can move the country. Tells joke. Says privilege is a Bicentennial issue, quotes Jefferson. We have miseducated a generation that unemployment is good for us. No person should be out of work.

Hubert Humphrey at Lake Waverly

Apr 23, 1976

John Merli talks with Senator Hubert Humphrey 6 days before his announcement not to actively seek the 1976 Democratic Presidential nomination about his personal retreat at Lake Waverly, and about his unique "non-running" position in campaign 1976.