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Final hours of legislative session has DFL-controlled House and Senate pushing bills with no promise from Pawlenty to pass

May 21, 2007

The 2007 Minnesota legislative session is grinding to a close. Lawmakers have less than seven hours to pass several budget bills before their Midnight deadline to adjourn. The DFL-controlled House and Senate are in the process of passing these bills ...

Update on budget negotiations between legislative leaders and Gov. Pawlenty

May 17, 2007

Governor Pawlenty and legislative leaders continued their budget negotiations behind closed doors in the Governor's office today . There have actually been several meetings to hammer out the best way to craft a two year budget.

Minnesota House passed a bill that would ban smoking in all bars and restaurants across the state, Pawlenty says will sign it

May 12, 2007

Minnesota is set to become the twentieth state in the nation to have a statewide smoking ban. Early this morning, the Minnesota House passed a bill that would ban smoking in all bars and restaurants across the state. Governor Pawlenty says he'll sign it.

Governor visits Ham Lake forest fire. Reporters get up-close look. Resorts help eachother out.; Pawlenty flyover and talk w/residents

May 8, 2007

The Ham Lake fire continues to burn unpredictably and furiously at the end of the Gunflint trail. Governor Pawlenty flew over the fire this morning and spoke with residents.

DFLers in the House and Senate are back at work after Easter-Passover break, and are on a collision course with Gov. Pawlenty on the budget

Apr 10, 2007

State lawmakers are back to work today after a long Easter-Passover break. The DFL-controled House is set to start taking up budget bills this week.... bills that are already the target of veto threats by Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty visits flooded areas of Browns Valley

Mar 16, 2007

Governor Pawlenty is back in Minnesota this morning fri after spending the day yesterday campaigning in Iowa for Arizona Senator John McCain.  Pawlenty is the co-chair of McCain's presidential exploratory committee and says he made the trip to give McCain encouragement.  Pawlenty's latest trip in

Gov. Pawlenty is in Iowa today campaigning with Senator John McCain

Mar 15, 2007

Governor Tim Pawlenty is in Iowa today campaigning for Senator John McCain, the Republican from Arizona who's a likely presidential candidate for 2008. Pawlenty is the co-chair of McCain's presidential exploratory committee.

Pawlenty stumps with McCain in Iowa

Mar 15, 2007

Governor Tim Pawlenty is in Iowa today, helping Senator John McCain in his presidential bid. The governor is a national co-chairman of McCain's exploratory committee. Pawlenty and McCain appeared together in Ames with an event scheduled this evening in Mason City.

Only one governor has been to Iraq three times, Tim Pawlenty

Mar 9, 2007

Governor Pawlenty is due back to Minnesota this weekend after spending the week in the Iraq and Afghanistan. Pawlenty held a conference call with reporters this afternoon from Germany and says he will return to Minnesota on Sunday.

Pawlenty signs new renewable energy standard

Feb 22, 2007

Minnesota has a new law establishing one of the most aggressive standards for renewable energy in the country. Governor Pawlenty signed a bill that would require utilities to generate more of their power from renewable sources over the next two decades.

Gov. Pawlenty threatens veto of a proposal to increase embryonic stem cell research at the University of Minnesota

Feb 6, 2007

Governor Pawlenty is threatening to veto a bill on embryonic stem cell research that hasn't even gotten a hearing in the Legislature yet. The proposal would allow the University of Minnesota to use state funds for embryonic stem cell research.