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Rising meat prices prompt national meat boycott

Apr 6, 1973

Rising meat prices have prompted a meat boycott movement headquartered in California, Fight Inflation Together. A local meat cutter?s union spokesman claims the boycott is being observed mostly in affluent neighborhoods. Families in those areas think it?s stylish to go along with the boycott.

Greg Barron tours a giant trash incinerator used for energy production in Chicago

Jul 3, 1973

Minnesota Public Radio's Greg Barron tours and discusses a northwest Chicago incinerator that produces steam used for the production of electricity.

A lesson in mudcat fishing in Saint Paul

Jul 4, 1973

Greg Barron learns about the bottom feeding Mudcat at the unlikely fishing spot in downtown Saint Paul. Riley, Hainey, a local expert on the scavenger fish discusses the methods for catching the fish, preparing the fish, and how they compare to other species of Minnesota fish.

The development, history, and story behind the 25th amendment

Oct 11, 1973

In light of recent criminal charges against Vice President Agnew, Dr.

Campaign finance issues debated in state senate

Oct 11, 1973

Minnesota State Senators meet in committee to disucss a bill, in its early stages, that will provide new rules on state campaign financing. Limits on spending and transparency on donors are included.

What's in store for the next big fair at Smith Park

Oct 12, 1973

Smith Park, located in the Twin Cities, gets ready to host a Celbration of Life. Greg Barron and the fair's director discuss what's on the agenda for this next celebration.

Implications of impact due to energy shortages

Nov 27, 1973

While many media outlets worry about individual industries suffering from lack of fuel, economists such as Frank Booty see that the energy crisis will affect local and individual businesses, but will probably not derail the entire economy.

Economist heats up debate on energy crisis and possible recession

Nov 29, 1973

Pierre Rinfret, a former Nixon advisor speaks and answers questions regarding a number of details relating to the greater energy crisis of the 1970s. He puts blame squarely on government intervention and private industry miscues, and the heightened concern for environmental issues.

3M carpool program popular with employees

Jan 8, 1974

Nixon recently urged the country to increase carpooling efforts. 3M has a carpool plan in place already due to the need to reduce traffic congestion at the complex. The company supplies commuter vans for carpools. Helen Seaver talks about how drivers are chosen and how the system works.

Civil Defense Office determines oil and gas allocations during fuel shortage

Feb 4, 1974

The state?s gas allocation system is explained by James Ikehoff of the Civil Defense Office. Mandatory gas allocations affect how much gas suppliers have to sell. Gas stations could run short. The federal energy office has predicted a national gasoline shortage of 20 percent by summer.

Trucker strike affects food distribution and supply

Feb 5, 1974

The trucker slowdown and strike is affecting grocery store supply and food distribution. Bill Hannan says he?s optimistic most large stores will outlast the truckers? strike due to a two week inventory in warehouses.

Auto mechanic strike draws nearer

Apr 2, 1974

Mr. Brown talks about a possible auto mechanics strike that will affect body work, mechanical repair, parts, and other services in the St. Paul, South St. Paul and White Bear areas. Workers want improvements in wages, hospitalization and pensions.