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U.S. Candidate Debate in Duluth

Oct 16, 2008

Tonight at 7p until 8:30p, NIS will carry live a debate among U.S. Senate candidates Norm Coleman, Al Franken and Dean Barkley. Mark Zdechlik will anchor the event from Duluth. The coverage will pre-empt The World and the first half hour of Fresh Air.

UBS post debate

Oct 15, 2008

Post-debate UBS Forum discussion with voters. Third and final presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. Host Jeff Horwich. This audio also aired on Midday 10/16/08, Hour 3.


Oct 11, 2008

Special personal finance call-in show after Marketplace Money, after week of dropping stock market and world financial turmoil. Cathy Wurzer hosts and various guests answer questions about the markets and your money. Nate Winner, Financial Planning Assoc.

senate debate at Breck School

Oct 11, 2008

Senate candidates debate at Breck School. Norm Coleman, Al Franken, Dean Barkley.

McCain in Lakeville

Oct 10, 2008

John McCain campaign stop at Lakeville, MN. Republican presidential candidate John
McCain interrupted boos from his supporters and tried to curb their
anger toward his Democratic opponent Friday during a town hall
meeting in Minnesota.

Coleman and Franken debate

Oct 5, 2008

ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) - In the scramble for Minnesota's senate
seat, Republican Senator Norm Coleman and his Democratic challenger
Al Franken didn't hold back at their first debate.
Neither did a third-party challenger.

UBS post debate

Oct 2, 2008

Vice-presidential debate listening party in UBS Forum, post-debate audience reactions to the Biden / Palin debate

Voices of Minnesota: Art Aufderheide and Clarke Chambers

Sep 30, 2008

his episode of MPR's Voices of Minnesota features conversations with Art Aufderheide and Clarke Chambers, two detectives of sorts. Aufderheide is world famous for his study of mummies and the diseases that killed them.

UBS reaction - first presidential debate

Sep 26, 2008

First presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, UBS listeners post-deabte reactions

Pawlenty travels state to tout education proposals

Sep 23, 2008

Governor Tim Pawlenty traveled the state today (tues) to discuss education initiatives he'd like to see pass during next year's Legislative session. Most of the proposals are aimed at getting a force of even-better qualified teachers in classrooms.

Republican National Convention Day 4: McCain's big moment

Sep 4, 2008

McCain's big moment. Broadcast: Midday, 09/04/2008, 7:00 p.m. Before the Republican National Convention can come to a close, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., must accept his party's nomination. Also speaking tonight will be Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former Pennsylvania Gov.