Speakers argue for and against passage of Equal Rights Amendment

Feb 5, 1973
Topics: Politics
Unknown Speaker

Debate at Minnesota State Legislature over the Equal Rights Amendment. Male speakers for and against. For: The movement of women's liberation is in a stage of ferment and growth. Broad consensus in women's movement change must involve equal treatment with men, most women do not believe their interests are served by differences before the law. The ERA offers valuable political change. Against: In women's lib hear echoes of one of the major reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. Women have been figure of strength and moral integrity, a man must know when he comes back to his home it will not be in shambles and populated by bastard children. Pro: Every speaker we've heard so far has been a man. This testifies eloquently to the need for ERA, so women can go where they want to go in society. Against: Will vote against ratifying the ERA because not in best interest of women. There are areas of special treatment for women that will be denied if ERA passes.

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