Hearing on bill prohibiting school busing on basis of race, creed, religion, national origin, or sex occurs on public schools' Desegregation Day

Apr 10, 1973 —
Dulcie Lawrence, Howard Casmey, Joe Connors

Bill introduced in MN House that would prohibit busing of school children on the basis of race, creed, religion, national origin, or sex. Bill co-author Bradley Piper (R-Burnsville), says majority of Minnesotans are against busing. The better solution is to upgrade inner city schools and to ?protect the neighborhood schools as we know them?. Co-author Joe Connors (DFL-Fridley) says forces busing creates a threat to freedom of man (bite: welfare of state and nation best served by policy that declares state not distinguish between its citizens on the basis of race in administering its laws) He cited studies since 1966 Coleman report that he said show school integration hinders rather than helps black children, MN Commissioner of Education Howard Casmey says he doesn?t think bill would pass but if it did it would completely negate all work of St. Paul, Mpls and State Board of Education for the past 5 year. (bite: State Board has been collecting data for 5 years, hours of public hearings, thousands of hours of research vs. one presentation this morning for 40 minutes. Can?t conceive of Legislature passing legislation without a great deal more testimony. Also today Mpls/St. Paul public schools celebrate Desegregation Day, Today?s testimony this morning contrary to what is being celebrating, very sad.) Larry Heron Supt of Urban Affairs for Mpls School system, also said if passed the bill would harm progress. Bill referred to subcommittee.