Wounded Knee defendants Banks and Means speak at press conference, lawyer Kunstler speaks about the trial

Jan 7, 1974
Topics: Politics
Bob Potter, Russell Means, Dennis Banks, William Kunstler, Gladys Bissonette

Both Richard Banks and Russell Means express their views on the Wounded Knee trial.  Banks speaks first, interrupted by Means. He says Wounded Knee happened because of over 200 years of neglect by the BIA, total repressive action on the reservation. There's been total ignorance of treaties and sacred trust. The U.S. is on trial because of treaty rights. The trial is for all American people and their constitutional rights. Gladys Bissonette: "American government has put us under so much repression that we cannot stand up under it any more. After Wounded Knee we can stand up and fight back for our children, our people who are suffering".William Kunstler: "If we get a fair and impartial jury it will see through the grotesque and bizarre federal conspiracy prosecutions that have the goal of curtailing social movements. The trial has nothing to do with claims of indictment whatsoever, has to do with destruction of an entire movement. The government is trying to buy off witnesses."

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