Former senator Margaret Chase Smith speaks about the six presidents in office during her career in Congress

Nov 21, 1974
Topics: Politics
Ken Hodgson, Margaret Chase Smith

Margaret Chase Smith, Republican Senator from Maine from 1949 to 1972, was at Augustana College in Sioux Falls SD for series of lectures and meetings. She recalled the six presidents during her Congressional career. She says Roosevelt started programs many thought were impossible. Truman could make decisions, he had the best balance between the presidency and Congress. Eisenhower, a military man, held office during a peaceful time. The American people thought he could do no wrong. Kennedy didn't serve long enough to judge. Johnson knew Congress, was brought up under Sam Rayburn, wanted to do everything Kennedy did but better. Nixon, most unfortunate, a great tragedy. Now we need a good experienced hard hitting administrator in the White House, one that's firm, can make decisions, and not be changing his mind with every other thing. Ford is a decent man, but he is the personal appointee of a discredited president, not elected. She would like the 25th amendment on presidential succession changed so if a president leaves in disgrace there should be an immediate election.

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