New Speaker...will Irv fight to remain Speaker?

Jan 7, 1997 —
Topics: Education
Karen Louise Boothe

While House members in WASHINGTON face the task of electing their SPEAKER amid an ethics controversy surrounding Newt Gingrich....state Representatives in St.Paul are expected to elect speaker-designate Phil Carruthers as their first order of business when they convene at Noon. But as Minnesota Public Radio's Karen-Louise Boothe reports...the shift of power in the state house isn't without its OWN set of controversies either: Irv Anderson, who ruled the House for three years, was deposed as Speaker when a deeply divided DFL state House majority voted in early November to replace him with speaker-designate Phil Carruthers. It was a narrow vote of 37-to-33 that exposed wounds inflicted on Anderson by DFL-ers and Republicans alike who've criticized his leadership style by calling it "good ol