Rick Stafford, former DFL chair

Jan 27, 1997
Topics: Politics
L Zielen

VOICES OF MINNESOTA Interview with Rick Stafford  for Monday, Jan 27, l997. Stafford says he is a political peon - willing to take on any task for his party. His willingness won him the job of chair of the DFL party in l993 - a job he held for over two years. The openly gay Stafford has the AIDS virus and health problems caused him to leave the job in l995. Today on our Voices of Minnesota interview we will will hear from the 44-year-old political activist. Stafford grew up in the southern Minnesota town of New Richland, and graduated from Mankato State University. For ten years he owned the West Concord newspaper. Stafford told Minnesota Public Radio's Karen Louise Boothe a childhood physical disability and the death of his father when Stafford was six taught him lifelong lessons.

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