Christmas toys... Sharing and Caring Hands gives gifts

Dec 24, 1998
Topics: Business
Bill Catlin

FADE IN CROWD SFX # 6122 (AUDIO IS HOT!) More than 2 thousand people waited for hours in long lines to pick up Christmas toys and clothes at Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis. The doors opened at 8, but some had been waiting outside since the wee hours of the morning. There were as many as 100 thousand toys on hand, including dolls, basketballs, skateboards and street-hockey sticks. Volunteers picked out gifts, based on a child's age and gender, and handed them over in black plastic bags. Minnesota Public Radio's Bill Catlin prepared this snapshot of a charitable program that organizers say keeps getting bigger every year. --------------------------------------------------------- | D-CART ITEM: 6120 | TIME: 2:19 plus :05 sfx (fades) | OUTCUE: "... thank you." ---------------------------------------------------------