Minnesota's Department of Transportation's implimentation of GPS

Apr 27, 2001 —
Topics: Politics
Annie Feidt

If you hate to ask for directions, take heart. Using the Global Positioning System - or G-P-S for short- you can always know where you are AND how to get to where you want to go. The technology uses satellites to pinpoint exact locations on the earth's surface. Steve Bahler (BAY-ler) is helping to develop and implement G-P-S at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. He was part of a University of Minnesota roundtable discussion this afternoon on wireless technology. Bahler (BAY-ler) says MNdot uses G-P-S mainly to track the locations of its snowplows, maintainance vechicles and state patrol squad cars. And he says a company called "Onstar" has developed the same techology to help consumers track whatever they're craving:

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