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Deaf artists display work at St. Paul gallery

Apr 30, 2004

In recent years, Minnesotans have placed increased emphasis on multiculturalism. From Vietnamese cooking classes to Somali musical offerings, Cinco de Mayo festivities to Chinese New Year celebrations, the state serves up a smorgasbord of culture.

Group reports on Thailand trip

Apr 28, 2004

Several members of a team that recently traveled to a Hmong refugee camp in Thailand will present their findings at a public meeting tonight in St. Paul. The team assessed the conditions of the camp and the needs of the Hmong refugees who live there.

Nuruddin Farah says he writes to "keep Somalia alive"

Apr 20, 2004

It's unlikely that very many people in Somalia have read the novels of Nuruddin Farah, partly because Somalia remains largely an oral society, but also because Farah was exiled from the country after writing about African dictatorships in a trilogy of novels.

Somali students identify with conflicts in play "Snapshot Silhouette"

Apr 15, 2004

Immigrants to the U.S.

New play portrays tension and conflict between somali immigrants and african americans

Mar 26, 2004

A new play at the Children's Theatre Company portrays the tension and occasional conflict between Somali immigrants and African Americans. "Snapshot Silhouette" examines this cultural clash through the eyes of two 12-year-old girls, one Somali, one African American.

Long Prairie radio program for Latinos

Mar 18, 2004

Minnesota boasts about a dozen Spanish language radio programs. Those programs serve the nearly 30,000 Minnesota Latinos who, according to recent census figures, say they don't speak English well or at all. But not many Spanish language programs broadcast in rural towns.

Chang-rae Lee on new novel "Aloft"

Mar 12, 2004

Jerry Battle, the central character in Chang-rae Lee's new novel "Aloft," loves to fly alone. It's the way Jerry gets away from his problems, and he's got a lot of those. He's nearing 60, and neither his dad, nor his grown children are doing well. His long-term girlfriend left him.

A young composer has turned sounds of the Duluth Harbor into music

Feb 10, 2004

Most people who visit Duluth spend some time sight-seeing on the waterfront. But the sounds of the harbor can be just as inspiring as the sights. A young composer has turned those sounds into music. Mainstreet Radio's Stephanie Hemphill reports.

Dale Warland up for a Grammy

Feb 6, 2004

The song "Walden Revisited" from the CD "Walden Pond" by the Dale Warland Singers has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Choral Performance category. The Grammy's will be given out on Sunday.

Musicians record songs inspired by email spam

Dec 31, 2003

Enhance your engergy. Mortgage rates hit rock bottom. Get your valium online.  We're all painfully familiar with these kinds of spammer come-on lines.  Rather than stew about spam, a group of independent musicians, the band 15-16 Puzzle, recorded songs based on spam subject lines.

Artist rebuilds Babylon

Dec 30, 2003

Sculptor Aldo Moroni thinks big. Really big. His latest project sets out to chronicle the development of Western Civilization. He's building --- and rebuilding --- the ancient city of Babylon in his Northeast Minneapolis studio.