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Minnesota film aims to help deaf women facing breast cancer

Feb 11, 2011

Learning you have breast cancer is never easy, but for members of the deaf community, the diagnosis can be particularly isolating. Now a group of Minnesota film makers are trying to change that with a documentary called "Signing On." The film will be previewed this weekend in St.

Reimagining Sitting Bull: Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake

Dec 5, 2010

Every December, the Lakota remember the life and death of Sitting Bull. History has cast him primarily as a warrior, but Krista Tippett discovers in Sitting Bull's living legacy, a very different character from history's celebrity warrior chief who vanquished Custer.

Conferences considers how arts and medicine can be blended

Apr 27, 2010

The 21st Annual International Arts in Healthcare conference is happening now.  It's entitled "Partners in Health", and it runs through Saturday at the Hilton Minneapolis.

Commentator Peter Smith excludes the sauna from good Finnish things

Jul 22, 2008

Finnish music will fill the air in Duluth tomorrow when Finnfest begins. Finnfest is an annual celebration of all thing Finnish. But Commentator Peter Smith feels there is one Finnish tradition that there is no need to celebrate...The Sauna.

Hmong woman interviews her mother about fitting in in America

Dec 7, 2007

She was just days old when her family came to the United States in 1976. They were part of the first wave of Hmong refugees to come to the United States. Now, the family has lived here far longer than they lived in Laos. Pakou fits in quite well in her community.

Hmong farmers isolated from the rest of agriculture

Jul 19, 2007

Visit any farmer's market in the Twin Cities and you're likely to see Hmong vendors selling rasberries, sweet onions, and a host of other produce they've grown. Farming runs deep in the Hmong culture. However, many Hmong farmers are isolated both by culture and language from the rest of U.S.

Minnesota poets created an anthology of women's works

Mar 23, 2007

Tomorrow in Duluth, people will gather to celebrate a new poetry anthology. It's a collection of poems by Minnesota women, going all the way back to pioneer days called "To Sing Along the Way." Minnesota Public Radio's Stephanie Hemphill has more.

State senator Mee Moua talks about her favorite books

Feb 5, 2007

This morning, we have another installment in our series, "the Bookshelf," in which we ask notable Minnesotans to tell us about a book that has been meaningful in their lives. Today, we'll hear from State Senator Mee Moua, a Democrat who represents the East Side of St. Paul.

Playing in a professional orchestra can cause health problems

Jan 17, 2007

John Hallberg is our regular medical analyst here on ATC, and he's a physician in family medicine at the University of Minnesota. He'll be traveling with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra as the tour physician on their upcoming European tour.

First Hmong arrived here 30 years ago

Nov 17, 2006

The Hmong have been a presence in Minnesota for three decades. The first arrivals came in the mid-70s. Now the community is more than 50-thousand strong. And the arrival of one of the first Hmong families to the state will be marked this weekend by a St. Paul church.

Ethnic music series continues with Mexican music

Sep 1, 2006

All week long we've been immersed in Minnesota's ethnic music scene in a series called "Notes from Home." For our final installment, we'll take a look at one of the largest niche markets in Latin music in the Twin Cities - Regional Mexican Music.

Notes from home: Hmong music

Aug 28, 2006

This morning we're launching a weekly series exploring the rich spectrum of ethnic music in the Twin Cities.