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Obama opens door to medical malpractice reform

Jan 26, 2011

President Barack Obama appeared to give a nod to supporters of tort reform last night (Tuesday) during his State of the Union address.

The things in American heathcare that Dr. Jon Hallberg is thankful for

Nov 24, 2010

It's been an interesting year for health stories.  A huge healthcare reform bill passed Congress... but the debate after the fact seemed to raise more rancor than the discussion leading in.  An earthquake kills hundreds of thousands in Haiti...

Pawlenty does about-face on insurance exchange idea

Oct 8, 2010

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is standing by his decision to ignore a federal request for input on a key piece of health care reform.

State senate committee looking to tighten rules on copper nickel mines

Mar 10, 2010

Later today the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee will discuss a bill that would tighten the rules on copper-nickel mines. The question has taken on some urgency, as a half-dozen companies are now making plans to open such mines in northeastern Minnesota.

Plans for a copper - nickel mine in northeastern Minnesota moving ahead.

Oct 23, 2009

Plans are moving ahead for a copper-nickel mine in Northeastern Minnesota. The draft of an environmental review of the project is expected today (FRI). So-called sulfide mining has never been done in Minnesota, but in other parts of the world, similar mines are polluting rivers and lakes.

General Assistance Medical Care running out of money faster than first projected.

Oct 16, 2009

Thirty-three thousand of the poorest Minnesotans may lose state health coverage sooner than expected. Earlier this year, Governor Tim Pawlenty cut the General Assistance Medical Care program, which provides coverage for adults without dependents who don't qualify for other healthcare assistance.

Mayo officials to be at Obama's speech tonight on health care. Jeffrey Korsmo, Executive Director of the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center, talks about what he'd like to hear

Sep 9, 2009

Tonight at 7:00, President Obama will address a joint session of Congress about his health care reform proposal. Obama is promising to offer more details about his vision for overhauling the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare system.

Budget cuts often matter most in rural hospitals and county health services. Series: "The State Budget in Your Backyard"

Mar 4, 2009

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing costs for Minnesota government. Governor Tim Pawlenty says it's critical to slow the growth in healthcare spending. He wants to reduce the cost of Minnesota Care, the state-funded insurance program. He's also proposing cuts to medicaid reimbursements.

Manufacturing initiative that gives hospitals a way to save using manufacturing model: Lean Health

Dec 29, 2008

An initiative to make northwestern Minnesota hospitals more efficient is spreading across the state. It's called Lean Health and it uses the same ideas companies like Marvin Windows and Arctic Cat use to streamline assembly line production.


Oct 11, 2008

Special personal finance call-in show after Marketplace Money, after week of dropping stock market and world financial turmoil. Cathy Wurzer hosts and various guests answer questions about the markets and your money. Nate Winner, Financial Planning Assoc.

Bush via video - Republican National Convention

Sep 2, 2008

Republican National Convention Day 2. Pres. George Bush addresses the RNC via satellite hookup.