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Minnesota Public Radio's Gary Eichten interviews Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventur

An MPR interview series with the most prominent voices in Minnesota politics, business and the arts.

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Miles Welton Lord (born November 6, 1919) is a former federal judge, appointed to the

This Week in History

Shootout in Oglala

Jul 28, 1975

MPR reporter Kevin McKiernan put together this program with the hope of presenting a clearer picture of the shootout/ disturbance at Oglala, South Dakota,  which left two FBI agents and an Indian dead of gunshot wounds.

Vce President Walter Mondale talks about South Africa

Jul 29, 1980

Vice President Walter Mondale discusses his recent trip to Africa, including his meetings with African leaders and discussions of such issues as South Africa. 

Senate candidate Monti Moreno on Midday

Jul 26, 1996

As part of the continuing Midday series of programs with the candidates for US Senate this year,  Republican businessman Monti Moreno from Stillwater is in the MPR studios to answer questions from listeners.