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Minnesota Public Radio's Gary Eichten interviews Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventur

An MPR interview series with the most prominent voices in Minnesota politics, business and the arts.

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Miles Welton Lord (born November 6, 1919) is a former federal judge, appointed to the

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Migrant conference to be held, a forum for migrant workers

Apr 20, 1973

Migrant conference to be held. Discussion about how many might attend the conference, expectations. Interviewees talk about events that will take place at conference, a forum for migrants and response from legislators. Expect State Sen.

Migrant conference interviewee talks about United Farm Workers strike and the Teamsters

Apr 20, 1973

Interviewee, talks about the size of the UFW and Teamsters unions and the money the Teamsters have. Says ranchers formerly with UFW contracts signed with the Teamsters.

Campfire Girls study timber wolves as part of troop project

Apr 25, 1974

An Earth Week interview with Campfire Girls in Eagan Township, Minnesota, who have chosen to study the timber wolf. The children share their wolf knowledge.