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Minnesota Public Radio's Gary Eichten interviews Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventur

An MPR interview series with the most prominent voices in Minnesota politics, business and the arts.

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Miles Welton Lord (born November 6, 1919) is a former federal judge, appointed to the

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Lawn care & sex tips: Garrison Keillor hosts The Morning Show (includes Apollo 13 news)

Apr 14, 1970

Garrison Keillor hosts The Morning show with skits on lawn care and sex tips. The newscast includes the Apollo 13 moon expedition news, which had a problem explosion and includes Mission Control actualities, including the famous "Houston, we've had a problem."

Legislative hearings on school aid formula bill and moratorium on building nuclear power plants

Apr 16, 1973

Proposed school aid formula bill would cost $14 million above Gov. Anderson?s budget recommendation. Senate counsel Rick Sands explains the bill, saying it would provide additional dollars to AFDC and transportation. Sen.

American Jewish families help Russian Jewish families who want to emigrate

Apr 16, 1973

American Jewish families support Russian Jewish families wanting to emigrate by sending them letters, clothing, and writing to officials on their behalf. After the families request visas they face more difficult living conditions. A local family has adopted a Russian Jewish family.