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About the MPR Archive

Reels in the MPR Archive
MPR Photo / Josh Kubasta

Minnesota Public Radio began as a classical music station in 1967 at KSJR in Collegeville, Minnesota.  There are a few recordings from 1970 and 1971, but reels of MPR daily news became a regular part of the workflow in 1972.  

This treasure trove of historic content has endless potential applications for educators, researchers, journalists and history buffs, but was left untapped sitting in MPR's basement. With support from the Minnesota Legacy Amendment, MPR is now able to make this priceless content available for the general public to listen to, learn from and enjoy.

The MPR Archive has holdings in four locations:

1. Eddy: Currently all regional and national broadcasts are archived in MPR's Asset Management System "Eddy"  Eddy holds born-digital assets from the 2000's to the present along with digitized audio  and catalog records for analog materials and legacy digital tape formats.

2. Gary Comer Audio Archive: A temperature and humidity controlled holding facility in the basement of the MPR building, which stores a large collection of analog reels, DATs and CDs going back to the late 1960s. MPR has recently installed an FM-200 archival-grade fire suppression system in the Comer archive.

3. The Keep: Selections of MPR broadcasts, which are stored off-site in an environmentally controlled rental facility called The Keep, Inc.

4. The Corporate Archive: A physical collection of marketing material, images and other memorabilia, located in the MPR facility.

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