Women's athletics at the University of Minnesota

Nov 12, 1974
Bob Potter, Toni McNaron, Leland Dean, Paul Geele

Toni McNaron, Director of the Women's Studies program at the University of Minnesota, says that the University wants to promote the sound mind, sound body axiom for the female student body. Leland Dean, a female high school basketball coach is focused on the idea of women as skilled athletes. She encourages the creation of professional women athletics. Beatrice Robbin, a student, says she's mediocre at sports but enjoys playing paddle ball and tennis at the University and states that it's difficult to get a court. She was informed that tennis will only be available 3 days a week because the courts are reserved for the men, and it's already so difficult to gain access. Paul Geele, Director of the Men's Program at the U of M states that his budget has barely enough to support the men's program as it is and has no room to create a women's program.

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