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Koochiching County residents don't like new ATV law

Nov 14, 2003

Some people in northern Minnesota are frustrated over a new law regulating all-terrain vehicles. The law says it's illegal to ride an ATV on certain types of wetlands. But in Koochiching County on the Canadian border, most of the land -- more than a million acres -- is wet.

October weather

Oct 31, 2003

Preliminary Climate Summary for October.  It appears that mean October temperatures will range from 1 to 3 degrees F warmer than normal for most communities around the state.

Duluth schools in trouble if levy doesn't pass

Oct 30, 2003

The Duluth Schools are in trouble. The district is short $6 million dollars for next school year. The district is asking voters to raise property taxes to help close the gap. But even if the tax increase wins at the polls, the district will face a $2 million shortfall. And Duluth is not alone.

In Wayzata they'll vote whether to save some of the Big Woods

Oct 30, 2003

There's a tiny piece of the Big Woods still standing in Wayzata. Tuesday, voters in the western Twin Cities suburb next to Lake Minnetonka will decide its fate.

The fight to stop the pollution at Reserve Mining Company was an early chapter in the history of the environmental movement. It established the principle that the government can force industry to clean up its pollution

Oct 29, 2003

 People visit Lake Superior to feel the power of nature or the peace of a quiet walk on the beach. But Lake Superior was once a battleground. The fight ultimately changed the way U.S. industry approaches the environment. Reserve Mining Company used to dump its waste rock into the lake.

Storm hitting Duluth

Oct 28, 2003

A winter storm warning is in effect for the Northeastern part of Minnesota due to heavy snow and periodic freezing rain.  A small craft advisory is also in effect along the North and South shores of Lake Superior.  Craig Sanders is a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Duluth.  He say

Mark Seeley discusses weather

Oct 24, 2003

The string of warm days earlier this week produced a number of high temperature records for individual communities, but perhaps the most remarkable record occurred on Sunday, October 19th when Browns Valley, MN Traverse County reported 90 degrees F.  A temperature this high is most unusual for th

UMD studying racism

Oct 22, 2003

College campuses around Minnesota are dealing with issues of racism. Last year, St. Cloud State settled a lawsuit with faculty who complained the university fostered a racist atmosphere. Tonight at the University of Minnesota Duluth, students and faculty are gathering to talk about racism.

Weather is an interesting subject

Oct 17, 2003

Tomorrow, October 18th marks the 115th Anniversary of the founding of the University of Minnesota Agriculture School, now known simply as the St.

Mind controlling monkeys

Oct 14, 2003

How game-playing monkeys could lead to better lives for people suffering from paralysis.  Scientists at Duke University say that a monkey with electrodes implanted in it brain managed to move a robotic arm with pure thought.

Benedictan nuns in Duluth are running ads to recruit

Oct 8, 2003

There are half as many Catholic nuns today as there were forty years ago. The median age of nuns is 69. Many religious communities around the country are trying some unusual approaches to attract new members. A group of sisters in Duluth is one of them. They're advertising.

Minnesota, a wind energy haven

Sep 29, 2003

Humans have harnessed the wind for thousands of years since the time of the ancient Egyptians.  Wind has powered sailboats, ground grain, pumped water and most recently generated electricity.  Now Minnesota has emerged as a national wind leader.  In the first story in a Mainstreet Radio wind powe