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Weather is an interesting subject

Oct 17, 2003

Tomorrow, October 18th marks the 115th Anniversary of the founding of the University of Minnesota Agriculture School, now known simply as the St.

Mind controlling monkeys

Oct 14, 2003

How game-playing monkeys could lead to better lives for people suffering from paralysis.  Scientists at Duke University say that a monkey with electrodes implanted in it brain managed to move a robotic arm with pure thought.

Benedictan nuns in Duluth are running ads to recruit

Oct 8, 2003

There are half as many Catholic nuns today as there were forty years ago. The median age of nuns is 69. Many religious communities around the country are trying some unusual approaches to attract new members. A group of sisters in Duluth is one of them. They're advertising.

Minnesota, a wind energy haven

Sep 29, 2003

Humans have harnessed the wind for thousands of years since the time of the ancient Egyptians.  Wind has powered sailboats, ground grain, pumped water and most recently generated electricity.  Now Minnesota has emerged as a national wind leader.  In the first story in a Mainstreet Radio wind powe

Chilly today

Sep 26, 2003

With just four days left in September, how can we characterize the month's weather  Most places have reported warmer than normal conditions, with average monthly temperatures from 1 to 3 degrees greater than the historical average.

State Supreme Court rules that anglers and their boats are liable for searches even though there is no probable cause of a game violation

Sep 25, 2003

A divided Minnesota Supreme Court ruled game wardens may inspect fishing boats without probable cause that an angler is violating fishing regulations.

North Dakota says, go away to Minnesota hunters. Limits when and where out-of-staters can hunt

Sep 17, 2003

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and North Dakota Governor John Hoeven (HOE-vehn) will meet soon to discuss a dispute over hunting. North Dakota is restricting where and when people from out of state can hunt . And license fees are going up. That's angered many Minnesota hunters.

More rain means more mosquitos

Sep 12, 2003

A dry spell lead people to hope that the dormant mosquito eggs were killed off, but that's not the case.  Jim Stark,  with the Mosquito Control District talks more on the mosquito hatch and potentials for West Nile Virus.

USDA agrees that the drought has hurt crops

Sep 11, 2003

The U.S. Agriculture Department confirmed today what Minnesota farmers already know: drought has damaged their crops. The USDA's latest estimate describes a shrinking soybean crop and smaller corn yields compared to what was expected in August.

USDA cuts estimates on soybean and corn yield after drought in Midwest

Sep 11, 2003

In a report released this morning, the U-S Agriculture Department is cutting its estimates for the soybean crop by eight percent from last month's projection because of the drought in the Midwest. The projection for the corn harvest has dropped by one percent.

Governor Pawlenty and Gene Hugoson visit Mazeppa

Sep 9, 2003

Governor Tim Pawlenty and State Agriculture Commissioner Gene Hugoson visited the Southeastern Minnesota town of Mazeppa (mah-ZEP-ah) this morning to evaluate crop damage from this summer's drought. Mainstreet Radio's Rob Schmitz reports.

Sioux Falls needs water. A little rain today is not enough

Sep 9, 2003

Today's (Tuesday) rain was a relief to many in Sioux (SOO) Falls. For a few hours in the middle of the day, the skies turned grey and the smell of rain caught everyone's attention. Sioux (SOO) Falls is four and a half inches behind normal rainfall amounts for the summer.